Professional Organizer & Declutter Specialist

Misc Facts About Allison

She has moved 30 times in the past 25 years.

She has worked for (2) different florists, one was the official florist for the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach.

She was an intern for a gardening landscaper for a year. During that time she learned about to care for different kinds of grass sod, best plants for our region, and many other gardening skills.

She has a natural green thumb, and can revive the deadest of plants; follows the farmers' almanac when it comes to planting seeds, harvesting, and uses all natural recipes to kill bugs. 

She is an animal whisperer. She will talk  with your animal, find out if they like their food, if they are unhappy or sad, and share the mean things they do when you are not looking.

She loves helping people, she has a tender heart for broken and those experiencing hard times. She started the Facebook groups "Get Hired in OC" & "Get Hired in LA" & Get Hired in IE"to provide a safe place for people to find work, and for business owners to post looking for employees. She screens all members, and the posts to make sure scammers do not take advantage of desperate people who are blind to their tactics. 

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